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Why should a soft top not have all the engineered-in safety of a hard top? Advances in structural engineering, high tensile strength materials and dedicated rollover protection have answered the question. It does.


Strength in depth

The Opel Cascada surrounds you with a rigid safety structure reinforced with extra body cross members. To this is attached all of the impact absorbing and load diffusion measures. The graceful windscreen pillars are press hardened and conceal hard rolled steel reinforcement bars that reach down below the doors. These have diagonal protective bars to prevent intrusion.


At the rear the rollover bars are anchored in the strongest part of the rear structure. Normally they stay elegantly out of sight. But if you ever need them they are ready to protect you in less time than it takes to blink, triggered by the airbag sensors.


Refined passive safety

Full sized front airbags combined with oversized side airbags that add extra head protection are standard on every Opel Cascada. These are state of the art protection features, working in complete unison with all of the other safety measures to deliver maximum protective efficiency.


Other measures include double seatbelt pretensioners, deployed pyrotechnically and specially developed to hold you safely in the optimum protective position. The seat frames and mountings also play a significant safety role, as do Opel’s well-proven active headrests. These move upwards and forwards under impact to guard against whiplash and upper body injuries. Meanwhile at the other end of your body the equally well-proven Pedal Release System detaches the pedals under impact to guard against foot and lower leg injuries.

Anti-theft protection

The alarm system for the Opel Cascada has been designed for all-round peace of mind. Any attempt to enter the vehicle will result in the lights flashing and the alarm sounding. The system carries its own back-up power supply and guards the complete vehicle and contents, including components and wheels.