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The days of struggling to fix a soft top are long gone. But with a mixture of sophisticated engineering and premium materials the Opel Cascada takes the pleasure and practicality of open air driving a significant step further.


Sunshine in just 17 seconds

Aerodynamically clean and refined, the soft top of the Opel Cascada fits perfectly to the pillarless style. It is made of premium quality fabric, features a heated glass rear screen and disappears completely below a high quality tonneau cover when lowered.


Operation is instinctively simple. The internal operating switch is located in the lower center console where the hand naturally drops onto it, allowing attention to be kept firmly focused on the road. External operation is just as easy. Key operated remote control is standard on all Cascada models.


Opening the roof takes just 17 seconds and closing it 19 seconds. It can be raised or lowered at up to 50 km/h. All windows can be opened or closed by operating the 4-windows-switch, integrated with the soft top operating switch.


Tested against all extremes

The electro-hydraulic mechanism for the roof has been tested 15.000 times, corresponding to 10 years usage with 4 operations per day. As well as reducing the vehicle weight by approximately 100 kg in comparison to a hard top.


The fabric is a well-proven high quality material. It is car wash proof, needs no regular impregnation and is UV resistant and long-term color fast, to help keep the good looks.


Testing at up to 240 km/h has revealed a maximum distortion of just 3 cm. Also for the standard two-layer soft top worldwide testing at extreme temperatures has proved that it is absolutely weather proof and insulation is superior to a retractable hard top.


If you want an even quieter life, there is also an acoustic soft top option for even better noise and thermal comfort. This features acoustically enhanced exterior fabric and a special layer of polyester fleece between the top layer and the interior lining. This improves thermal insulation and further reduces the noise level in the cabin by up to a third.