New Opel Movano: Cab Versions on Sale Now.

Jul 13, 2010

  • Chassis, Crew and Platform Cabs available
  • Wide range of dropside, tipper and box body variants meet all needs
  • High-performance versions with 3.5- and 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight
  • Front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive versions on all variants
  • Specialized conversions can be ordered ex-works

Rüsselsheim. Following the successful market launch of the panel van versions that began in Spring 2010, the new Opel Movano has expanded its range with cab versions in various lengths, weight classes and chassis configurations – proving again that no job is too big for this light commercial vehicle.

The expanded selection of body types also includes vehicles with special conversions that can be ordered ex-works, such as box body, rear tipper, three-way tipper and dropside vehicles. The wide range of choices impressively demonstrates the Movano’s extraordinary versatility and flexibility.

Chassis versions with single and crew cabs in three lengths

Movano single and crew cabs feature a rugged ladder chassis with multiple function points to enable easy and secure installations of bodies by third-party converters. In addition, a range of specialist electrical connectors make vehicle wiring easy.

The new chassis variants offer ample seating space. In addition to the three front seats, the rear bench on the crew cab accommodates up to four additional passengers, each protected by head restraints and seat belts.

The single and crew cabs in the 3.5 t to 4.5 t gross vehicle weight categories are available in three vehicle lengths (L2 / L3 / L4) and, depending on version, can be ordered with front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. The 3.5 t RWD variants come with either single or dual rear wheels, while the 4.5 t versions always feature dual rear wheels.

The new Movano also offers special conversions to the chassis cab that don’t have to be retrofitted as they can be ordered exactly as needed directly from the factory. These include versions with box bodies in the 3.5 t to 4.5 t gross vehicle weight categories, available in two vehicle lengths (L3 / L4) and with front or rear-wheel drive. The front-wheel drive versions come with single rear wheels and RWD versions with dual rear wheels.

The broad range of versions offered on the Movano directly from the factory provides a base for a wide spectrum of uses, making them practical for craftsmen, small business, construction firms and municipalities.

Special versions ex-works: Box, tipper and dropside body variants

The box bodies are constructed with stable yet lightweight aluminum frame and synthetic panels for a good-looking finish and high quality exterior. Two sizes are available with 20 m3 and 22 m3 of load volume that can carry a payload of between 908 kg and 1,935 kg. Standard equipment includes a double-wing rear door with 270° opening angle, anti-skid floor covering and aluminum lashing rails around the interior. Options include wind deflectors, side doors and a roll-up rear door.

The new Movano can also be ordered ex-works as a rear- or three-way tipper in the length variants L2 and L3; Individual or crew cab variants come in the weight classes 3.5 t with front-wheel drive or 3.5 t and 4.5 t with rear-wheel drive. Payload for these versions ranges from 780 to 1,860 kg. Standard equipment includes a steel load floor with integrated load securing points, cabin protection with ladder holders as well as aluminum side and tail board with under-run bars. The extensive list of options also offers steel side and tail boards and a rear ladder rack.

The dropside variants, too, are available in the 3.5 t to 4.5 t gross vehicle weight categories and with front or rear-wheel drive. The single and crew cab versions come in three lengths (L2 / L3 / L4). Depending on the variant, the 2.04-meter wide load floors are available in four lengths that range between 3.17 and 4.47 meters, with payloads varying from 1,050 to 2,130 kg. Standard features include aluminum side and tail boards, cabin protection with ladder rack and a resin-coated wooden load floor.

Movano platform cabs are available in two vehicle lengths and with two different cab roof heights. The cab-to-body interface panel has been optimized for ease of integration and an extended-length wiring loom for the rear lights can be specified. The specialized bodies are perfect for businesses which need low floor heights and walk-through from cabins, like parcel carrier vans or food merchants.

Economical and powerful: A new 2.3 CDTI diesel generation

A new generation of 2.3 CDTI four-cylinder common-rail diesel engines (74 kw, 92 kW and 107 kW) ensures powerful low-speed torque, lively performance as well as low fuel consumption and emissions. Together with the optional 105-liter fuel tank, operating ranges of nearly 1,400 km can be reached.

Engineers paid particular attention to ensuring that low fuel consumption can be achieved not only in the combined EU test cycle, but also in everyday use under real-life conditions.