Opel Corsa and Agila Now with Start/Stop Technology.

Jun 22, 2010

  • Corsa 1.3 CDTI saves 0.5 l/100 km in urban cycle
  • By end 2011, this eco-friendly feature will be available on all major Opel models

Rüsselsheim. Opel now offers Start/Stop technology on the Corsa 1.3 CDTI (55 kW/75 hp) and Agila 1.2 l (69 kW/94 hp) gasoline together with a Euro 5 upgrade and a CO2 engine optimization package, delivering significant fuel economy in urban driving.

This ecoFLEX technology next will be extended to the Astra range starting with the 1.3 CDTI as part of the Start/Stop rollout. By the end of 2011, all major Opel carlines will offer this CO2-saving innovation.

With the introduction of the Start/Stop technology Opel continues to strive towards its goal in lowering fuel consumption and emissions. The brand is committed to working on a range of innovations that can reduce and ultimately displace oil dependency, minimize CO2 emissions and encourage energy diversity.

Start/Stop technology is most advantageous for city driving, where the Agila and Corsa are particularly suited. The principle is simple: An engine which is not running cannot consume fuel. Instead of idling at a traffic light or train crossing, the engine will automatically stop when the driver engages the neutral gear and releases the clutch pedal. When the traffic light turns green, drivers simply press the clutch pedal to restart the engine, shift into first gear and take off. Naturally, the heating performance, power steering and brake performance is maintained to keep occupants safe and comfortable even while the engine is temporarily off.

By eliminating idling time, engines emit less greenhouse gases and, importantly, create less noise. The Corsa 1.3 CDTI 75 hp (190Nm/55 kW) with optional Start/Stop requires only 4.0 l/100 km and emits 105 grams CO2, 6.25 percent less than the same variant without the technology in the combined cycle. Owners will see the greatest savings in city driving. In the urban cycle, the Corsa with Start/Stop emits 10.6 percent less CO2 than the Corsa without this eco-friendly technology. In the urban cycle, for the Corsa uses 4.8 l/100 km, compared with 5.3 l/100 km without Start/Stop. In the combined cycle, the Corsa requires only 4.0 liters of diesel per 100 km.

The ecoFLEX Technology Package on the Corsa also includes:

  • Start/Stop system with enhanced starter motor, which ensures the system will last the lifetime of the vehicle;
  • High performance Absorbent Glass Mat battery. This upgrade of the vehicle‘s electrical system keeps the operation reliable and makes sure the engine restarts every time;
  • Intelligent Battery Management with Battery Sensor which has been added for reliability and quality control.
  • Electric Power Management, too, ensures the engine restarts every time;
  • Additional water pump keeps the cabin warm in cool weather during the stop phase.
  • Switch-off button for manual control so that customers can choose when they want to use this feature.

In addition, the ecoFLEX Technology Package also includes configurable climate comfort level with electronic climate control). This allows drivers to personalize the amount of air conditioning comfort they wish to have when the engine is temporarily stopped. They can choose to maximize the ecological function and leave the car off even if the cabin is getting warm. Alternatively, they can press an AC Configuration button, in which the engine turns on as required to keep the interior cool. Opel is the only European manufacturer to offer this feature.

The Agila 1.2 liter 94 hp (69 kW/118 Nm) requires 5.0 liters of gasoline per 100 km and emits 116 g CO2 with Start/Stop technology, some 2.5 percent less than the same engine without this feature. In the urban cycle, Start/Stop decreases emissions by 9 percent.

The ecoFLEX Technology Package on the Agila offers:

  • Start/Stop System
  • Enhanced battery
  • Intelligent battery management with battery sensor
  • Switch-off button for manual control