Opel Mobile Rescue Data Improves First Response.

Nov 1, 2010

  • Opel is first car manufacturer to offer mobile portal for rescue crews
  • Some 60 Opel models from 1991 to present available on smartphones
  • Digital rescue cards available in 10 languages throughout Europe

Rüsselsheim. In emergency situations, seconds – and often, centimeters – count. In order to free injured passengers from a car wreck, rescue crews need precise information quickly: Where are the airbag inflators, the body reinforcements and the fuel lines? Where is the tank or the battery? Where is the best spot to cut with the Jaws of Life?

Automobile manufacturers have made this information available to rescue crews for years, however accessing the data quickly has traditionally been a slow process. Crews often have to search through hundreds of pages in a folder or search for information in a glove box.

Starting now, Opel is placing the information for some 60 models from 1991 to present on a mobile portal that can be used on any smartphone which has access to the Internet. This free mobile service is available in 10 European languages[1] and enables rescue crews to access important information instantly. An eleventh language, Turkish, will follow shortly.

“Opel supports a central mobile platform for the entire automobile industry, where all car manufacturers can place their vehicle data,” said Jürgen Peitz, Opel’s manager for insurance classification and repair technology. “This way all valuable information is available at an accident scene lightning fast regardless of who made the car.”

The mobile rescue card portal will be used primarily by the fire department and first response crews. Via www.opel-rescuecard.com they can choose their own language and run a search for any Opel model. By placing the information on the Internet, rescue crews can be assured they are receiving the latest, most up-to-date news. Thanks to the built-in page optimization, the mobile rescue card portal automatically adapts to every standard smartphone model. The zoom function ensures that single parts and body sections can easily be seen on a small display.

So that the service can be further optimized, a special page has been erected for users to give feedback and make suggestions. There is also a “send to a friend” function, to get the word out. The recommendation from a professional to a professional should quickly establish the rescue card portal also with volunteer fire fighters.

Even if rescue crews do not use the mobile solution, the rescue cards are still downloadable as PDF-files via the Internet.

[1] Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish