Q+A, Junior allocation announcement.


Q: Is the Junior based on the Corsa plattform?

A: The Junior will be based on our small car architecture, yet it will be an all new model with a distinctive product character.


Q: When will Junior production start?

A: Junior production will begin by end of 2012.


Q: Will the junior manufacturing program create new jobs in Eisenach?

A: The Junior program is a significant contribution to safeguard 1.600 jobs in Eisenach. We expect a constant level of employment.


Q: Which volume of Corsa production will be shifted from Eisenach to Zaragoza?

A: The volume split for small car production of our plants in Zaragoza and Eisenach, including Corsa, Junior, Meriva and Combo, is 72:28. The relation will not be changed, so that Zaragoza gets more production with the addition of the Eisenach made Junior to our model range. This is why Zaragoza clearly benefits from the Junior program.


Q: Zaragoza announced to increase production from 330.000 units originally planned for this year to 380.000. This coincides with 900 jobs cut in the current restructuring process. Will you hire again as the result of a further increased production volume?

A: With a production volume of 380.000 in 2010 we make a better use of the plant’s capacity of 480.000 than originally anticipated. Additional volume will further improve the use of capacity. However we are also aiming to further improve efficiency to ensure the competitiveness of the Zaragoza plant. We are not expecting hires.


Q: Are you planning new investments in Zaragoza with reference to the additional volume?

A: We are continuously investing in our plants. So we do in Zaragoza.


Q: “Junior” doesn’t fit into the Opel naming scheme?

A: Junior is a project designation. Prior to the launch we will announce the name of the new small Opel.