Opel’s Project Earth starts recruiting.

Feb 28, 2011

  • Application period starts 28 March
  • Project Earth Expedition to visit 4 endangered regions
  • Volunteer team will work together with renown environmental organizations

Starting on 28 March, Opel will be selecting participants for the Project Earth Expedition. The team will be made up of young scientists and members of the public. The expedition will take place in August 2011.

Under the patronage of NASA scientist Dr. Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, Opel will take the team of volunteers to four fragile but beautiful regions of the world: the Arctic, the Gulf of California, the Brazilian Rainforest and the African Savanna. The Project Earth Expedition team will meet local organizations working to protect endangered habitats, and assist the scientists in their activities.

In 2011, Project Earth is working together with the Jane Goodall Institute in Tanzania, the World Wildlife Fund Arctic Program, the Cousteau Society in the Gulf of California, and Sting's Rainforest Foundation in Brazil.

Starting in Tanzania, the Project Earth Expedition team will meet Dr. Jane Goodall and learn about her chimpanzee projects. The team will then meet Dr. Buzz Aldrin in Canada before visiting the WWF Arctic Program at Pond Inlet with Katie Melua. Next stop is Mexico, where Francine Cousteau will explain the Cousteau Society’s work on the Vaquita porpoise. The expedition finishes in Brazil, with the Rainforest Foundation in the area of the Yanomami.

At each of the destinations, the Project Earth team will select a local project that will then receive long-term support from the Project Earth Foundation.

The application process for the Project Earth Expedition opens on 28 March 2011.