Opel Ampera wins “Auto Trophy” two years in a row

Nov 23, 2011

  • Revolutionary electric vehicle voted favorite by “Auto Zeitung” magazine readers
  • Environmentally friendly driving without range limitations
Opel - Opel Ampera wins “Auto Trophy” two years in a row

Rüsselsheim/Düsseldorf. For the second time in a row, the Opel Ampera has won the annual German “Auto Trophy” award. In the electric car category the vehicle scored a clear victory against 17 competitors.


The Ampera achieved 40.2 percent of the votes among 100,000 readers of the automotive magazine, making it the clear winner. The result is a further big improvement on last year’s result with the closest competitors Fisker Karma (15.2 percent) and Tesla Roadster (10.6 percent) scoring much lower results.


The CEO of Opel/Vauxhall, Karl-Friedrich Stracke, was handed the prize during the award ceremony at the automotive “Meilenwerk” forum in the city of Düsseldorf. He said that the clear result was an acknowledgment from the readers of the innovative and unique propulsion concept. “With the revolutionary Ampera Opel takes a leading role in the area of E-Mobility. Electric propulsion plus the range extender gives us the chance to gain independence from non-renewable energy sources, without having to endure limitations on everyday usability and range.”

Opel - Opel Ampera wins “Auto Trophy” two years in a row

The Ampera which is now being delivered to dealers is the first electric vehicle to enable “go anywhere at any time” mobility. The five-door sedan offers space for four adults and their luggage. A 16 kWh lithium-ion battery pack feeds the 111 kW/150 hp electric drive unit. Depending on driving technique, terrain and temperature, it delivers between 40 and

80 km of pure electric operation with zero emissions. The wheels of the Ampera are always powered electrically. Whenever the battery has reached its minimum state of charge, the gasoline engine automatically turns on and powers a generator to feed the electric drive unit. This extends driving range to over 500 km without the need to stop at a filling station.