Enhanced Opel FlexFix System carries up to four bikes

Apr 18, 2012

  • Second generation carrier can take more weight including e-bikes
  • New tilt function facilitates access to tail gate even when carrier is fully loaded
  • User friendly, no need for tools and easy on the back thanks to low height
Opel News: The enhanced FlexFix bicycle carrier system for the Astra Sports Tourer and the Zafira Tourer

Rüsselsheim.  The enhanced, second generation FlexFix bicycle carrier system which can take up to four bikes at a time is now available for the Astra Sports Tourer and the Zafira Tourer. The innovative system, which is exclusive to Opel and is integrated in the rear bumper of the vehicle, ensures stress-free transportation of bicycles, so that a holiday or country break with family or friends is a relaxing affair.


The enhanced Opel FlexFix system for the Astra Sports Tourer and the Zafira Tourer is geared towards the transportation of two bicycles, as is the case with the Corsa, Meriva, five-door Astra and the Antara. It now offers a series of innovations including an increased load capacity. The first and second bike can now weigh up to 30 kilograms each (so far 20 kilograms max.). This means that the increasing popular but heavy e-bikes can now easily be carried.

Opel News: The FlexFix System now offers an increased load capacity

As part of the second FlexFix generation an extension kit is now available, including a clip-on adaptor so that a further two bicycles of up to 20 kilograms each can be transported. The entire loading capacity is 80 kilograms. Special holders with rubber inlays ensure that the bikes are held securely in place. Additionally, the new carrier system can be locked so that the bikes are protected from thieves when the vehicle is stationary. Another big selling point of the FlexFix system of the second generation is that even when fully loaded it can be tilted so that the tailgate of the vehicle can be opened easily, providing quick access to the luggage compartment.

Onboard user-friendly and ergonomic flexibility exclusive to Opel

Opel News: Another big plus point of the Opel FlexFix system is its outstanding ergonomics

With the FlexFix Opel remains the only car maker to offer a bicycle carrier system that is fully integrated and always onboard. The user-friendly bicycle carrier is very easy to operate as it can be adjusted by hand without the need to use tools. When not in use it disappears invisibly into the rear bumper. This is another example of the typical flexibility associated with Opel.


Another big plus point of the Opel FlexFix system is its outstanding ergonomics: in contrast to other systems such as roof racks where you have to lift the bicycle high over your head, the FlexFix carrier is located close to the ground making the awkward act of lifting unnecessary. The back experts at Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (AGR – Action for Healthy Backs) emphasized this when as the world’s first production car the new Meriva was awarded their highly coveted seal of approval for its overall ergonomic concept including the FlexFix carrier.

Opel News: The innovative FlexFix System ensures stressfree transportation of bicycles

In contrast to roof rack based systems, the vehicle is not subjected to a 120 km/h speed limit, as the bikes are stored at the rear. This stable arrangement is particularly secure in a sharp braking maneuver or during impact. If the gear box is in reverse, an acoustic signal warns the driver that the bicycle carrier is still fully extended.


The prices for the FlexFix carrier start at 590 euro (all prices refer to Germany and recommended retail price including VAT) in the Corsa, Meriva and Astra (five-door version) and 650 euro in the Antara. The newly enhanced FlexSystem can be purchased for 690 euro for the Astra Sports Tourer and for 790 euro in the Zafira Tourer. The adaptor kit which provides space for a third and fourth bicycle and is used in combination with the second generation carrier is available for 227,30 euro