Opel Enhances Its Flexibility Champion - The Meriva

Feb 9, 2012

  • Engines with more power and lower fuel consumption
  • Start/Stop technology available for all 1.4 liter gasoline engines
  • Environmentally friendly, efficient 1.4 LPG ecoFLEX version with only 124 g/km CO2
  • New 1.7 CDTI power plant with 81 kW/110 hp and 6-speed automatic transmission
Opel News - Opel Enhances Its Flexibility Champion - The Meriva

Rüsselsheim. Opel is further enhancing its compact flexibility champion, the Meriva. The European segment leader with its rear-hinged rear FlexDoors enables easy and comfortable access and is being equipped with optimized engines with more output yet lower fuel consumption. This is great news for cost conscious customers: The new 1.4 l LPG ecoFLEX engine is low in fuel costs and only emits 124g/km CO2.


The fuel efficient Start/Stop technology will now be available in all output versions of the 1.4 liter gasoline engine. In the 88 kW/120 hp variant fuel consumption has been lowered even further: from previously 6.1 to 5.7 liters per 100 kilometers. This represents a substantial 12 percent saving. Engineers also created a new 6-speed-version where torque reaches 200 Nm, 14 percent (25 Nm) greater than the 5-speed-variant. In that sense the Opel’s flexibility champion can be driven in a more relaxed fashion without frequent gear changes.

Opel News - Opel Enhances Its Flexibility Champion - The Meriva

Opel is now offering a 81 kW/110 hp 1.7 CDTI (6-speed automatic) engine for its diesel customers who like ride comfort. The power plant now available in the Meriva is ten hp more powerful than the previous 1.7 CDTI automatic version, yet only emits 160g/km CO2 – eight grams less per kilometer than its predecessor. A gasoline engine combined with an automatic transmission is in preparation and will be made available shortly.


Cost conscious customers who also have the environment in mind can now look forward to the turbocharged 1.4 liter 88 kW/120 hp LPG engine that can toggle between the gasoline and liquefied petroleum mode at the touch of a button. In the LPG mode the Meriva 1.4 LPG ecoFLEX only uses 7.6 liter/100 km (combined), equivalent to 124g/km CO2 emissions. In other words: CO2 emissions are around 15 percent lower than the level of comparable gasoline engines. LPG users can also save up to 40 percent fuel costs. Three new exterior colors, the Guacamole special color and the metallic paints Sovereign Silver and Carbon Flash complement the Meriva sales offer. The seating trim packages used in the Astra compact model are also now available in the Meriva, complete with six-way adjustable front seats plus 4-way adjustable electro-pneumatic lumbar support.

Opel News - Opel Enhances Its Flexibility Champion - The Meriva

The new “Edition” variant (starts at 18.770 euro, rrp. including VAT, Germany) has a generous standard kit. It includes the practical FlexRail central console, an on-board computer, air conditioning, CD-Radio, electric windows at the front and rear and pockets behind the backrests of the front seats as well as a reading and ambient light in the middle console.


The Meriva jubilee edition “150 years of Opel” (starting at 19,290 euro, rrp. including VAT, Germany) has been given a makeover to celebrate the Opel anniversary. Customers can save up to 1,850 euro in comparison with a base trim model in terms of all the kit that is included. A touch of glamour is brought to the Meriva anniversary model with elegant 16” alloy wheels, special door entry slips, a “150 Adam Opel” emblem and chrome exhaust pipes. The interior has been given a luxurious twist with standard features including air conditioning, CD-Radio, adaptive cruise control, heated seats and heated steering wheel unique to its segment as well as special fabric and Morrocana combinations.