Opel Brings Telemetry to its new Astra OPC

May 22, 2012

  • Opel is first car manufacturer to make preselected vehicle data available
  • Unique OPC Power App has debut in new Astra OPC (206 kW/280 hp)
  • Numerous applications: from engine boost pressure to lap time for tech savvy OPC fan
Opel News - Opel Brings Telemetry to its new Astra OPC

Rüsselsheim.  Opel shares its passion for technology with its customers by becoming the first ever car manufacturer to make preselected data from the CAN bus (Controller Area Network) directly available on an iPhone where it can be displayed or analyzed further. The CAN bus is the central system that unifies and connects all the electronic control units in the vehicle.


Apple smartphone users can now download the OPC PowerApp an application or App from the AppStore for just 0.79 euro, enabling them to access to CAN bus data. This innovative application has its world debut in the Astra OPC with its 206 kW/280 hp output - the sporty spearhead of Opel’s compact car portfolio.


The CAN-bus bundles the signals from the different vehicle areas. So far, only highly specialized work shops were able to access this information using specialist software. Now however, Opel is now giving car enthusiasts the chance to receive selected, performance-related data by offering the OPC PowerApp. This opens up a whole new world to drive enthusiasts who want the latest technology.


The fun offered by the OPC PowerApp does not just end when the engine is switched off. Not only are up to sixty different data, including engine boost pressure, throttle position, lateral acceleration or engine torque, readily available in real-time on the iPhone but they can also be stored and later compared with friends. A lap-time recorder connected to GPS data appeals to racing fans, for example those who use the legendary Nürburgring track and want to analyze and improve their performances on the Nordschleife stretch. In this way, braking points and section speeds can be analyzed. However, in addition the G-forces can be measured inside specific bends.

Opel News - Unique OPC Power App has debut in new Astra OPC

In order to get the most out of the wealth of functions offered by the OPC PowerApp a black box or smart phone controller that can be ordered by customers and is installed behind the interior panels. It can be installed ex works or easily retrofitted on request by Opel dealerships. The module is directly connected to the CAN-bus of the vehicle and transmits its data with a frequency of 30 Hertz to the iPhone which is equivalent to real time. An optionally available FlexDock iPhone cradle can also be installed to offer even better access and visibility of the PowerApp data. In that sense, the mobile phone acts as an additional instrument inside the cabin, recording all the data.


Seven different display modes complete with the OPC logo and colors are available to the user including an analog instrument, a G-force meter, a digital display and over/under-steer indicator, a bar chart, a line graph and a map. The OPC PowerApp works on iPhones (starting at the third generation), iPad 2 and iPod Touch and will also be available for android systems by early 2013.


The new Opel Astra OPC (Opel Performance Center) is the most powerful member of Opel’s compact car offer. It has its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show and will have its market launch this summer. The Astra OPC is powered by a 2.0 liter direct injection turbo gasoline engine, with 206 kW/280 hp output and maximum torque of 400 Nm. This power house ensures that the Astra OPC can reach a top speed of 250 km/h. Never before has an Astra been so fast. The high-performance chassis with its adaptive dampers and High Performance Struts (HiPerStruts) provides a dynamic driving experience while the brembo brakes perform even under extreme conditions.