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Opel Astra Sports Tourer Best Compact Ever in 100,000 Kilometer Endurance Test Conducted by Trade Journal auto motor und sport

May 31, 2013

  • 104,800 test kilometers without the slightest technical problem
  • Best car ever tested in highly competitive compact class
  • Driving comfort and long-distance performance impress the editors

Opel News - Opel Astra Sports Tourer Best Compact Ever in 100,000 Kilometer Endurance Test Conducted by Trade Journal auto motor und sport

Rüsselsheim.  The respected trade journal auto motor und sport will publish the results of its endurance test with the Opel Astra Sports Tourer CDTI in tomorrow’s issue (12/2013). In the test article the author writes, “In terms of reliability, it completed the 100,000 km distance with flying colors and confidently stormed its way to the top of the defects index hit list for its class, easily claiming the number one position. Touché!“


The compact station wagon went into service for the Stuttgart editors on April 21, 2011 and covered exactly 104,800 test kilometers. During this time, the 2.0-liter diesel Astra only went into the garage for scheduled maintenance visits. In the summary, auto motor und sport thus certified the Sports Tourer’s especially high level of quality: “After almost two years and 100,000 demanding kilometers, the Astra Sports Tourer had no defects and only slight signs of wear. Opel deserves a lot of praise for that.”


The editorial office has a highest ranking list of all endurance tests. In the compact class, the Opel Astra Sports Tourer is now at the top, ahead of the VW Golf, the Mercedes A class and the Toyota Prius. Opel was the only car that did not need to make a non-scheduled garage visit during the long-term test. In contrast, the second-place car had to be repaired three times. With a defects index 2, the Astra Sports Tourer also achieves the second-best value ever of all cars tested by auto motor und sport. So fittingly the endurance test was headlined “Opel, the most reliable”.

Opel brand values precision, efficiency, reliability

With this headline, auto motor und sport alludes to the slogan “Opel the reliable” used for the first time in 1936. The German automaker advertised its products like this until the early 1980s. Now this key phrase is again the focus of the QUALITY!2022 strategy, in which Opel has set itself the goal of becoming better with each new product in order to be an industry leader in quality by 2022. Not only the Opel Astra Sports Tourer endurance test result impressively confirms that Opel is on the right track. The number of warranty claims for new passenger cars has also fallen by 50 percent since 2000.


Vice President GM Europe for Quality Thomas Simon is very pleased with the Opel Astra’s spotless endurance test result. “Our quality offensive is in full swing – and it’s obviously a real success. Now we want to go a step further. Typical Opel values are precision, efficiency and reliability. These obligate us to develop and build all new vehicle generations, bodies and powertrains in the best-possible quality.”

First-class driving comfort ensures best long-distance performance

Quality is not only apparent in technical reliability, but also in everyday suitability. auto motor und sport describes this in the Astra endurance test as follows: “You get into the car and immediately feel perfectly at home in it.” The reasons listed for this include the excellent seats, great suspension comfort, large luggage compartment capacity and the powerful yet economical diesel engine with 350 Nm torque. So all told, the editors see a “convincing touring car” in the Sports Tourer that also gets plus points for good traction and effective heating in the winter. The author summarizes, “The Astra shows its best side on long journeys.”