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Lifesaver Opel OnStar: Opel at INTERSCHUTZ 2015

Jun 8, 2015

  • June 8 – 13: Leading international exhibition for rescue and fire prevention in Hanover
  • Insignia with Opel OnStar: Connectivity and service assistant for faster on-site help
  • International event: Teams from 16 countries run rescue drills with Opel vehicles

Opel News - Lifesaving Mokka: Opel’s successful SUV recently made its debut as an agile utility vehicle for technical accident assistance

Rüsselsheim/Hanover. Saving lives quickly and effectively – the INTERSCHUTZ in Hanover shows how to do this from today to Saturday, June 13. The leading international exhibition for rescue, fire prevention, disaster relief and safety takes place every five years and is considered the world’s most important event in this industry. Some 140,000 visitors and trade experts are expected to attend this year. Opel is also participating: as a partner of Holmatro Rescue Equipment, the Rüsselsheim automaker is presenting specially equipped vehicles in the open-air demonstration area. Opel is also supporting rescue tools specialist Holmatro’s Rescue Challenge, in which international teams are taking part.


Lifesaving equipment: Emergency rescue vehicle Mokka and Opel OnStar in Insignia

Opel News - Efficient emergency vehicle: The Opel Mokka with a 1.6-liter turbocharged diesel engine and all-wheel drive made its debut at the RETTmobil (May 6 – 8) as an agile utility vehicle for technical accident assistance

After its recent debut as an Opel emergency vehicle at the RETTmobil, it is now on stage for INTERSCHUTZ visitors: the Opel Mokka as an agile utility vehicle for technical accident assistance and on-site first aid. The compact SUV converted by Opel Special Vehicles and Sortimo is a real eye-catcher with its LED special signaling system, the LED front flashers and rear warning lights along with its blazing red foliation. The huge advantage of the all-terrain Mokka, which has a preliminary set-up for analogue and digital networks including a combined roof antenna, is that it can take technical equipment to accident sites that cannot be reached by vans or trucks. The Mokka carries an emergency backpack on board so that its crew can also provide vital first aid.

Opel News - How Opel OnStar works

But rescue crews first must find the accident site, which can be difficult in dense woods or mountainous regions. The Opel Insignia Sports Tourer exhibited in Hanover shows how precious seconds can be saved in this situation. It has Opel OnStar on board, the new personal connectivity and service assistant. Opel OnStar offers drivers a 24-hour emergency service hotline: at the push of a button or automatically, a request for help is sent to the Opel OnStar service center, which then contacts the rescue coordination center responsible for the area of the accident site. The Opel OnStar advisor gives the rescue service team the exact GPS coordinates as well as other important vehicle information such as airbag status, impact speed and type of drivetrain. But the system also works in the other direction. If the rescue team does not immediately find the vehicle involved in the accident, it can call back Opel OnStar. Then the service center assistant can activate the car’s horn, blinkers or headlamps to help the rescue crew find it. In this way, the groundbreaking new system can make a lifesaving difference.

Holmatro Rescue Experience: Opel vehicles for rescue exercises

Opel News - European premiere: Opel will be introducing Opel OnStar, the new connectivity and service assistant, across the company’s passenger car range from August 2015

Another INTERSCHUTZ exhibition highlight is Holmatro’s Rescue Challenge that takes place in a 1,500 m2 outdoor area five times every day. 29 rescue teams from 16 countries compete in various rounds to see who can expertly free people from a staged accident situation the fastest. As Holmatro’s cooperation partner, Opel provides 28 vehicles for the drills. With sometimes heavy machinery, the interior of the “accident” cars is accessed to reach victims as quickly as possible. The entire exercise is conducted according to stringent regulations.


Experts are on site to answer all questions about the Opel models on exhibit at the INTERSCHUTZ and Opel OnStar. The show is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and runs until Saturday, June 13.