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New Opel Ampera-e: Up to 150 kilometers of Range in 30 Minutes

Oct 27, 2016

  • Ampera-e can cover 150 kilometers according to NEDC1 on 30-minute fast-charge2
  • 50 kW fast-charge station installed at Opel headquarters in Rüsselsheim


Opel News - Top-level testing: Opel Group CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann tries the new 50 kW DC fast-charger located in front of the company headquarters in Rüsselsheim

Rüsselsheim. What are the two main questions preventing electro-mobility becoming a mainstream option for car owners? Range anxiety is clearly number one with potential buyers often worrying about a lack of range. Opel successfully put any concerns relating to this to rest by presenting the revolutionary Ampera-e at the Paris Motor Show last month. With its range of more than 500 kilometers (electric range, measured based on New European Test Cycle in kilometers: >500, preliminary figures) the exhibition star outperforms its closest segment rival currently on the road by at least 100 kilometers. The second main question relates to where electric vehicles can be charged.


As announced during the Paris Motor Show, a 30-minute charge at a 50 kW DC fast-charger will add a further 150 kilometers of range (average value, measured based on preliminary NEDC tests) to the Ampera-e’s new-generation lithium-ion battery. While fast-chargers may still be considered an unusual sight, things are set to change in the not too distant future. The Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure announced that 400 fast-charging stations will be installed along the country’s main highways in cooperation with service station operators “Tank und Rast” by the end of next year. Furthermore, the German government has pledged to invest €300 million in the development of the necessary infrastructure in the upcoming years with 5,000 fast-charging stations and 10,000 normal-charging stations to be installed at service stations along main roads, shopping malls, sports centers, car-sharing and train stations, airports and exhibition centers by 2020. This will help ensure that cars such as Opel’s groundbreaking Ampera-e will have wide spread access to a convenient charging solution.


With the Ampera-e set to hit European roads in the spring of 2017, Opel also decided to ensure that the company headquarters is equipped with the latest in fast-charging technology, installing a DC fast-charger rated at 50 kW and an AC semi-fast charger rated at 22 kW in Rüsselsheim.

Opel News - Topping up: A 30-minute charge at a 50 kW DC fast-charger will add a further 150 kilometers of range to the Ampera-e’s new-generation lithium-ion battery

“The Ampera-e has the potential to convince customers who have not considered an electric vehicle that electric mobility is now possible because you do not have to constantly worry about charging the battery,” said Opel Group CEO, Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann, during the inauguration of the fast-charging stations. “This is the great thing about the Ampera-e – thanks to the sensational range, you can drive it around for a few days before you plug it in overnight, while you are at work or while you are out shopping.”


Pam Fletcher, Executive Chief Engineer of the Ampera-e, added: “I have had the luxury of being able to drive the car for a few months now and from my experience I can tell you that most people will only have to recharge it once or twice a week,” said Fletcher.


In addition to DC fast-charging , the 60 kWh battery pack of the Ampera-e can be charged using optional home charging stations also known as wall-boxes with 4.6 kW according to usual rules in Germany for home grid installation. Furthermore, the Ampera-e can also be charged at public AC charging stations across Europe. With its single-phase on board charger, it will charge at a rate of either 3.6 kW or 7.2 kW at these AC stations. With a NEDC range of over 500 kilometers (preliminary figure), owners may almost never need to charge their battery from zero to 100 percent, especially given the fact that the average daily distance covered by drivers per day is 60 kilometers. Opel’s versatile charging strategy for the Ampera-e also enables the possibility of charging the new electric car via a standard 2.3 kW household socket thus truly ensuring that every owner will be able to recharge his vehicle conveniently.


But the Ampera-e has much more to offer than an outstanding range and increasingly easy charging solutions. It offers driving pleasure and the feistiness of a sports car. The performance of the electric engine is equivalent to 150 kW/204 hp (PS) thus making effortless starts from a standing position or highway access two of the Opel Ampera-e’s main strengths. The compact electric car accelerates from 0 to 50 km/h in 3.2 seconds. And as the large, 60 kWh capacity batteries are cleverly integrated in the underbody, the car also offers ample space for five passengers and a trunk with the load capacity of a five-door compact class car. Furthermore, the Ampera-e comes with Opel-typical outstanding digital connectivity thanks to OnStar and smartphone projection.

[1] Theoretical value, calculated based on the preliminary figure of >500 km electric range measured according to the NEDC.

[2] fast charge with a 50 kW DC fast charge station.