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Revealed: Opel Newcomer Grumpy Cat Starts 2017 Calendar Campaign

Nov 7, 2016

  • Channel takeover: Grumpy Cat takes over Opel channels on Facebook and Twitter
  • “Drive it or hate it“ – #OpelGoesGrumpy: 2017 calendar social media campaign
  • Nilam, Emrah, funnypilgrim and the Community: Who will find the 13th calendar motif?
Opel News - Win Grumpy: The new Opel calendar with the moody feline and top model Georgia May Jagger

Rüsselsheim. Whoever is spending time on Opel social media channels at the moment is encountering some strange things. For example, for a few days now they’ve been reading “Community work is sooo important. As if Likes help turnover. #OpelGoesGrumpy“. Now we know who is behind this: Grumpy Cat, star of the new Opel calendar “Georgia & Grumpy – Not impressed by Wonderland” and the most recent member of the Opel social media team. Looks like Opel has not only re-aligned its agencies. Opel Chief Marketing Officer Tina Müller explains how the commotion on social media channels came about: “We should have known. Everyone knows Grumpy Cat’s moods. It was obvious that it’s only a matter of time until it hacks our social media accounts and leaves its catty comments there.”


The bad-tempered posts are nothing new for Opel. Right after the calendar production, Grumpy Cat titled one of its posts “Worst Photo Shoot ever”. Just how bad its mood actually was during the shoot in Babelsberg can now be seen “live and in action” in the new making-of video. In a number of memes, Grumpy Cat ruthlessly tears apart the actions of its calendar companion Georgia May Jagger and photographer Ellen von Unwerth.


But Opel is not ready to settle for these results so far – on the contrary: those responsible still believe the cat has good in it, which is why Grumpy Cat is the center of the entire social media campaign called ”Drive it or hate it”. “Adhesion contract, shamelessness and bad mood aside, we at Opel love Grumpy Cat! That’s why we want to try to get it to smile with our new online campaign. This has to work at least once!” says a conciliatory Tina Müller.

“Smile please!“: Web special forces squad to improve Grumpy Cat‘s mood

In order to achieve this, Opel is deploying the “Grumpy Squad” for the campaign. A web special forces commando made up of three top influencers: Nilam Farooq, funnypilgrim and Emrah. Together with their social media followers they pose the question: What would the calendar look like if Grumpy Cat and the online community had had a say about the design? To find the answer, they are going on a hunt for the “13th calendar motif”.


Grumpy Squad leader and lifestyle blogger Nilam Farooq explains the different stages of the campaign in her current YouTube video. For example, YouTuber Emrah calls on his viewers to participate in a do-it-yourself challenge and submit their own design suggestions for an Opel in Grumpy Cat style. Emrah will then turn the best suggestion into reality and transform a conventional Opel ADAM into a roadworthy Grumpy Car. There will also be cat content at funnypilgrim. She calls on her followers to give themselves a Cat Face with their makeup. The winner will then be part of the 13th calendar motif as a model in Grumpy Look with the pimped out Grumpy Car. The shoot for that will take place at the calendar vernissage in February.


Is that enough to make the matter-of-principle bad-tempered cat smile? So far we’ve only heard this from Grumpy Cat: “That’s supposed to be funny? Who are these influencers, does anyone know them? Did anyone at Opel carefully look at the numbers? Hello? I have nearly nine million fans following me on Facebook alone! Nilam has only 1.1 million YouTube subscribers, funnypilgrim not even 350,000 and this Emrah with the weird hairdo has around two million followers. That doesn’t help me at all, doesn’t make me smile – at the most it’s laughable.”


The story can be followed under #OpelGoesGrumpy on social networks. And whoever is more intrigued than scared off can still meet the worst-tempered cat ever at the calendar vernissage in February.



Campaign: DOJO


Dominic Czaja, Stephen Overmeyer, Johannes Keil, Marc David,
Tony Ziebetzki