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Opel Innovation - AGR

Take the pressure off your back with AGR

Find out why our Ergonomic Sports Seat is among the best in the industry.

More comfort with AGR certificate
Opel  Innovation - Opel Eye

Your co-pilot: Opel Eye

Discover the latest advances in the field of automotive vision and lighting with the Opel Eye camera.

Drive safer with Opel Eye
Opel Innovation - FlexRide

Adapt to all conditions with FlexRide

The FlexRide electronic chassis control system reacts instantly to changing conditions and adapts to your driving style.

Enjoy better driving dynamics


Instead of restricting your options we open up a world of possibilities. Knowing your needs and wishes helps us open up new ways to make our vehicles more versatile than ever.

Improved Cabin Access

FlexDoors® - Improved cabin access

The unique rear-hinged rear doors of the Meriva make it easier to get into and out of the rear seat. FlexDoors® also provide greater safety, especially for young families. Parents can reach into the rear seat more easily to help with buckling up, and children can be more safely guided when getting in and out of the vehicle.

Opel Innovation - FlexFix®

FlexFix® - Easy Bike Transport

Sometimes you want to drive your car and your bicycle on the same day. But you don't want to mount the bike rack each time. No problem with the integrated FlexFix® bike carrier system.


The FlexFix® rear carrier system simply slides out from the rear bumper, so it doesn’t take up storage space in your garage or home. It takes two bikes with frames from 18 to 28 inches, and because it is low, it is really easy to load.

FlexSpace® - Brilliantly clever seating

FlexSpace® - Brilliantly clever seating

The FlexSpace® rear seating system introduced in the first Meriva has been further developed: It requires even less effort to move the seats in their different positions or to fold them down. The brilliantly clever seating system lets you easily transform your Meriva from a five-seater to a four, three, or two-seater – without having to remove a seat!

FlexRail® - Organisational Genius

FlexRail® - Organisational genius

The FlexRail® centre console turns the space between the front seats into a variable storage system. The removable and exchangeable sliding units provide convenient and adaptable storage, giving you plenty of room for your everyday needs.

Useful Storage Solutions

Useful Storage Solutions

We are constantly developing new solutions for you to handily store and organize the things you take with you. For example, the Meriva has up to 32 accessible locations for those items which are most commonly carried. The easily reached, flexible and usefully sized storage spaces are based on the answers of hundreds of clients who were asked to define the items most frequently carried and used in cars. The storage solutions include front door pockets with 1.5-litre PET bottle capacity, a storage box under the driver’s seat and the revolutionary FlexRail® console system.

Flex Floor - Storage made easy

Flex Floor - Storage made easy

Flex Floor easily adapts to your transport needs. When in the central position, the robust Flex Floor panel and folded rear seats provide a completely flat extended load floor. The panel can be lowered for maximum load height or raised to be flush with the rear sill for ease of loading and unloading.

Flex Fold - Space at the push of a button

FlexFold – Space at the push of a button

Want to fold down the rear seats while standing at the tailgate? Just push the FlexFold switches and your load volume goes from 500 to 1550 liters. A simple but practical segment first on the Astra Sports Tourer.

Easy Access Cover – Tap and go

A simple tap is all it takes to move the Easy Access Cover out of the way and get at your things quicker and easier. To re-close the cover, just give it a tug and it will return to its starting position.