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Opel Flextreme GT/E receives red dot design concept award

The Opel Flextreme GT/E concept car has been recognized by an international jury for its outstanding design and has received the prestigious red dot award at a ceremony in Singapore.

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Everybody dreams of a great future, but when it comes to the next stage of automotive development, we at Opel are already working on it.

More individual flexibility, lower or zero emissions, increased eco and socio-friendliness and intriguing glimpses of future design all feature in every Opel concept. So go ahead, take a realistic and informative look into a promising future…

Opel Concept Cars - Design Philosophy
Opel Concept Cars - Passion for Innovation


Testing the future

The glamour of concept cars is self-evident. But they also show practical directions in every part of car development. New directions in design, equipment and even size can all be seen on the concept cars of today and tomorrow.


Setting future trends

With the GTC and the Flextreme, Opel have shown definite paths towards the automotive future. It’s good to remember, too, that the ground-breaking Opel Meriva began life as a concept car