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Many advanced standard and optional features put the Opel GTC in front of its class when it comes to taking care of the driver and passengers.


Ergonomic AGR sports seats

No matter how you drive, or how far, seat comfort is a vital necessity. With a wide range of adjustment possibilities, including lumbar support and seat cushion extension, the optional ergonomic sports seats with certification by the German AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs), a center of excellence for ergonomics, let you fine-tune your seating position perfectly to your individual comfort requirements. They are available for the driver only or for driver and co-driver.


At the top-end leather and seat heating, brings the Opel GTC into the luxury category. But, if you prefer it, the cloth-covered version provides the same level of orthopedic support.



Infotainment System

Whether receiving dynamic navigation guidance, accessing preferred radio stations, or your MP3 player, the integrated infotainment system in the new Opel Astra GTC is as beautifully intuitive to use as it is beautiful to look at.

The system comes complete with stereo CD radio with MP3 playback and aux-in and a rich color display with reverse camera.

To connect your mobile phone, you can decide between a wireless Bluetooth™ solution or an integrated system with phone-specific cradle that charges the mobile’s battery. All important phone functions can be operated from the steering wheel, faceplate, or via Voice Control.

Please check with your Sales Agent at Opel Singapore about the availability of this infotainment system for the Singapore market.




Up to 19 storage facilities

The Opel GTC offers storage possibilities that are as numerous and practical as they are ingenious. The Opel GTC puts convenient storage within easy reach of the driver and passengers. Door pockets front and rear with bottle holders, a driver’s storage bin, cup holders, a large glove box, and front and rear center armrests with closed storage compartments – depending on equipment there are in total 19 storage facilities for large and small items.


Luggage compartment with Flex Floor

The split-folded rear seat backrest allows to increase the load capacity of the Opel GTC in stages from 360 to 1,165 liters. The unique 3-position Flex Floor system increases the flexibility even further. It can lower the floor to maximize rear load height and volume. In the center position the floor panel is flush with the folded rear seats for maximum flat load space and when fully raised it is flush with the rear sill for ease of loading and unloading. It can be easily lifted and fixed for access to the spare wheel and extra hidden storage.