• Opel GTC - Pedestrian Area Light

    Pedestrian Area Light

    Highlights potential hazards with a wider spread of light (an extra 8° left and right).

    Opel GTC - Town Light

    Town Light

    Spreads the light wider and lower. Activated by vehicle speed and street lighting.

    Opel GTC - Country Road Light

    Country Road Light

    Wider and brighter than normal, for a 70-metre dazzle-free beam.

    Opel GTC - Highway Light

    Highway Light

    Raises, brightens and extends the beam to 140 metres – without dazzling other drivers.

  • Opel GTC - Adverse Weather Light

    Adverse Weather Light

    Activated by wipers or a rain sensor, this setting improves vision in wet weather.

    Opel GTC - Increased High Beam

    Increased High Beam

    Thanks to Bi-Xenon technology, Increased High Beam boosts the range and brightness of your headlights by up to 15 % when they’re not dipped.

    Opel GTC - Dynamic Curve Light

    Dynamic Curve Light

    The headlights turn into the curve by up to 15°. Activated by steering angle and speed.

    Opel GTC - Static Cornering Light

    Static Cornering Light

    Throws light 90° to the left or right so you can see better what’s around the corner.

Opel Astra GTC - We Recommend

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With its advanced passive and active safety equipment and the innovative driver assistance systems, you can enjoy the outstanding driving dynamics of the Opel GTC with solid reassurance.


Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL+)

The Opel GTC is available with Bi-Xenon headlights and Adaptive Forward Lighting Plus (AFL+) – the most advanced headlight system in the compact segment.


The movable elements in the sleek bi-xenon headlights automatically adjust themselves to different conditions, ensuring safer and more relaxed driving. Various adaptive light functions including the automatic High Beam Assist (HBA) make the best of every situation, improving road illumination by up to 90% versus fixed headlamps - without dazzling other drivers.


In combination with the Opel Eye camera system AFL+ also features Intelligent Light Ranging (ILR), registering hills and slopes to adjust the range for optimal illumination of the road ahead.


AFL+ greatly enhances visibility through curves and sharp bends, making night driving significantly safer. And much more relaxing.


Please check with your Opel Singapore Sales Agent regarding the availability of AFL+ for the Singapore market.


High Beam Assist for halogen headlights (HBA)

The standard halogen headlights of the Opel GTC can be upgraded with an automated high beam control. The High Beam Assist detects oncoming and leading traffic and switches to high beam when the conditions allow.


The multi-talented Opel Eye

Opel Eye is your high-tech co-pilot. The Opel GTC’s front camera system is a specialized wide-angle, high-resolution camera that helps you drive safer and avoid speeding tickets.


Mounted behind the interior rear-view mirror, the front camera of the Opel Eye system supports three functions.


The Traffic Sign Assistant (TSA) reads standard sized round speed limit and “no overtaking” signs and also signals the end of the restrictions. It is active from 14 km/h up to 200 km/h (daytime) and 150 km/h (at night) respectively. The system also uses the information in the navigation data to ensure a high detection rate.


As of 60 km/h the camera also recognizes if the vehicle unintentionally crosses a traffic line without the driver indicating. The Lane Departure Warning (LDW) signals the deviation acoustically and with a warning light in the revolution counter.


The camera is also used to detect moving lead vehicles and to calculate the distance, which is shown in the display between the instruments. Following Distance Indication (FDI) not only enhances safety, but also helps to avoid tailgating tickets.


The Forward Collision Alert (FCA) is active above walking speed and gives visual and audible warning whenever a frontal collision is possible. In this way it protects other road users as well as shielding you from potential damage.


Park Pilot

The Park Pilot helps detect obstacles in both front and rear. The distance to the obstacles is indicated acoustically via a pulsing sound and a diagram in the display.

Advanced Park Assist (APA)

APA detects a suitable parking slot, directs you into the space, tells you how far backwards and forwards to drive – and even shows you how far to turn the wheel.

Side Blind Spot Alert (SBSA)

SBSA uses sensors to monitor parts of the road you can’t see and flash a warning on the relevant side mirror if a vehicle enters one of your blind spots.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

The standard Tire Pressure Monitoring System keeps your tires at a safe pressure without you having to stop for unnecessary checks. Depending on equipment, it monitors pressure by tire or warns by a telltale in the instrument whenever one needs pumping up.


All-round safety

The Opel GTC is not only equipped with state-of-the art active safety systems, but also protects its occupants with exemplary passive safety technologies.


Robust bumpers and highly efficient energy absorption systems deal with minor impacts. The bumper beams are precisely positioned for maximum protection in car to car low speed impacts, helping cut repair bills and leading to excellent insurance classification.


The rigid passenger cell is mainly fabricated from high strength steel and surrounded by optimized deformation zones that protect in a controlled manner. Inside the seat belt pretensioners on the front seats, front, side and curtain airbags, Pedal Release System and active headrests all work together to safeguard you.


And to keep your Opel GTC safe from theft, there is an advanced alarm system available, which meets the most stringent insurance standards.