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Sleek outside, space inside.

Step into the best seats around. The distinctive exterior style has a new freshness. Inside the future has become even more welcoming. The difference is in the details, and the Opel Meriva has enough expressions to really impress.


Exterior design

The Opel Meriva is distinctive, eye-catching and thoroughly practical. Sculptural curves and rounded edges seem organically fused into moving sense of space. Wide stance, confident lines and generous glazing give a hint of the pleasure of driving in it. The grille and rear light clusters are details that underline the feeling of real precision.


Get closer and you’ll begin to realize that the beauty is more than skin deep. The quality is everything you’ve wanted, but didn’t really expect. But then, the whole design of the Opel Meriva is about fulfilling those needs you hadn’t really realized you had. Sweeping curves both inside and out, familiar signature wing motifs and a molded sense of décor in the “blade” side elements have produced a sense of style that is both attractive and highly pragmatic.


Interior design

Inside the Opel Meriva you are in a world of your own. The flowing curves of the fascia not only look great, but also enable convenient controls and storage positioning. The tactile materials and details are a brilliant expression of comfort through quality.


But that’s only part of what makes it your own personal world. The other elements are the total flexibility that comes from superb design combined with practical engineering. Long seat travel? Designed in from day one. Swiftly configured luggage or passenger space? It’s almost as simply and quickly arranged as the thought strikes you. However you want your Opel Meriva, it’s easy, convenient and supremely comfortable.