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Opel’s SAFETEC concept synchronizes all safety systems in the Opel Meriva, including driver assistance functions, stability program, warning systems and passive safety features. The result is coherent and effective protection for all on board.


Check with Opel Singapore sales regarding the avaibility of these safety features for the Singapore market.


Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL)

Night driving always has the potential to generate stress. Opel Meriva’s advanced halogen AFL system projects the headlamp beam into curves, with extra side illumination in tight corners. The result? Less stress, more safety and driving fun.


  • Depending on speed and steering input, the headlights swivel up to 15˚ in curves in either direction
  • Additional projectors are automatically activated, providing 90˚ sideward illumination on corners and tight bends
  • To assist the driver’s orientation when parking, the static bending light goes on to illuminate the parking area when reversing


Park Assist

Nobody is perfect – and even small collisions can have big consequences. The Park Assist helps detect obstacles in both front and rear. The distance to the obstacles is indicated acoustically via a pulsing sound.


Fully functional safety

Fully synchronized safety systems that work together to minimize any impact are engineered into the Opel Meriva. Ranging from passive safety through to active safety in the form of driver assist systems. The result is that you and all with you are surrounded by safety.


Systems include:

  • ESP®Plus
  • ABS with brake assist and Cornering Brake Control (CBC)
  • Automatic Lighting Control (ALC)
  • Rain sensor


Passive safety features

If the worst should ever happen, the Opel Meriva is equipped to deal with it.


The passive safety features include:


  • Extremely rigid passenger safety cell with full side protection
  • Front, side and curtain airbags available
  • Pedal Release System (PRS)
  • Active front headrests
  • Double seat belt pretensioning
  • Advanced FlexDoors® safety concept


Five Star Safety

NCAP is an independent organization totally dedicated to safer cars. It is recognized worldwide as a leading authority for crash testing and its ratings are respected by the whole motor industry. The Euro NCAP safety 5-star safety rating is the highest accolade it can bestow on any vehicle.