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A luxury lounge on wheels, capacious family or leisure comfort, multi-purpose space provider or mobile office facility? The Opel Zafira Tourer can be all of them and more. It’s as individually versatile as you make it.


Up to 31 storage possibilities

From day one the Opel Zafira redefined flexible mobility. The Opel Zafira Tourer refines this principle even further. There are three individual second row seats, all of which can be adjusted independently for extra legroom or added luggage space and an armrest option for the two in the third row. All the rear seats still fold completely into the floor, without removing the headrests.


There are up to 31 different storage possibilities, the commitment to convenience further emphasized by the introduction of the optional FlexConsole between the front seats, and underfloor rear compartment storage.


When it comes to lifestyle versatility, the more you explore, the more you’ll discover.


Ingenious seats, outstanding flexibility

The Flex7® seating system offers you the option of seven seats, or any combination from two to seven in just a few seconds. Also it has the advantage that all the rear seats fold into the floor, leaving a flat load space.


In the Opel Zafira Tourer the second row consists of three individual seats that can be folded flat and moved independently of each other. Each can be slid backwards or forwards up to 210 mm giving exceptionally generous legroom, or increasing rear load or passenger space. And if you decide to drive your Opel Zafira Tourer as a single-seater, it can be easily arranged with the optional flat folding front passenger seat1.


Lounge seating system

With the lounge seat option the second row can be easily configured as two seats by simply sliding the outer seats inwards. A clever mechanism allows the middle seat backrest to fold forward and rotate providing a comfortable armrest for the outer seats. This gives limousine like comfort, helped by the fact that both seats can now also slide 280 mm back ensuring best in class legroom. This whole process can be easily managed in a few seconds, even when the car is underway, giving the remarkably spacious comfort of a “lounge on wheels”.


Tidiness designed in

Luxury and convenience go hand in hand in the Opel Zafira Tourer. With up to 31 purpose designed storage facilities, there is a place for almost everything, from your mobile phone and tissues, through tablet PC, personal items, liter PET water bottles, cups and small change. There is even room for larger long-term journey needs in closed underfloor storage in the luggage area.


In addition, for extra convenience there is the optional FlexOrganizer® system for the luggage space enabling you to add even more leisure or business organization. Also there are 12V outlets front and rear to charge any of the personal electronics you care to carry. Another major plus point is that the optional ambient lighting concept of the Opel Zafira Tourer ensures that not only is everything easily accessible, but that everyone has light to locate exactly what’s needed.


Multi-functional FlexConsole

A standard-setting innovation is the multi-functional optional FlexConsole. The electric parking brake and the high mounted gear lever leave space for a large storage area between the front seats.


The unique FlexConsole aluminum rail system uses this to maximum advantage, providing highly versatile modular multi-level storage capacity. It features a slideable armrest with storage box and movable cup holders, which can be fixed in position anywhere on the rails for maximum comfort and convenience.


With the armrest in rearward position the cup holders can also be completely removed to offer a roomy, protected storage space between the rails for a notebook computer or a handbag.


FlexFix® rear carrier system

Extending a car’s versatility usually involves inconvenient additions. Not anymore. The FlexFix® rear carrier system – unique in this class – is there whenever you need it, and disappears when you don’t. The FlexFix® rear carrier system simply slides out from the rear bumper, so it doesn’t take up storage space in your garage or home. It takes two bikes with wheels of up to 29˝ and 1150 mm wheelbase and 30 kg each. With an adapter it can be expended to carry two more bikes with 20 kg each. FlexFix® is designed for a total weight of 80 kg, so that also e-bikes can be transported. A big advantage is that it is possible to tilt the loaded bicycle carrier so that the tailgate can be opened. FlexFix® can be combined with Advanced Park Assist (APA) and acoustic Park Pilot since both systems automatically adjust to the extended length of the vehicle.


When using 3rd row of seats passenger restrictions may apply, please check with your Opel dealer for further details.